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 Design & Build Custom Modular Homes and Modular Additions
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Thanks for your interest in our custom modular homes and additions; we are the leader in custom modular homes and additions.

You are about to see some of our modular home floorplans that will surprise you with their high quality specifications, short construction time and affordable pricing.

Our floorplans can be customized to meet your requirements whether to add a bedroom, a bathroom or
 redesign totally the floorplan.
Our Upgraded Specifications offer several choices of kitchen cabinets, countertops, bathroom fixtures, interior trim, etc...
Our homes meet or exceed the applicable building codes and have several advantages over houses built on site, such as:
  • AFFORDABLE prices at great savings
  • TREMONTPREMIUM construction quality using brand names such as Andersen windows Kohler fixtures, Oak or Maple kitchen cabinets, etc...
  • TEN year limited warranty for your peace of mind
  • UNIQUE custom design services: our in-house Architectural design service uses a powerful software that generates instant 3D interior and exterior views of your new home to help visualize it long before it is built. 
We will be there for you from design to fi
nancing to construction and 
build you a Great Home at Great Savings.
Interested? Call us today at 781-632-5844 to discuss your requirements and upcoming savings.

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